Ambulance Billing

The Ambulance Billing Department processes billings for emergency ambulance transports in St. Lucie County (SLCFD) in a timely and efficient manner.

Billing/Insurance Information

Our paramedics begin to gather information about our patients before they arrive at the hospital; sometimes due to the nature of the emergency call our paramedics may not be able to get all of your information such as insurance information. If you were recently transported by ambulance to the hospital and received an invoice please notify our billing office, with any insurance and we will submit a claim on your behalf for the charges incurred. To speak to a billing specialist please call 772-621-3321 or fax your information to 772-621-3610.

We accept Visa and Mastercard over the phone or in person, and checks by mail or in person. At this time we cannot accept online payments.


Their responsibilities begin with verifying the ambulance trip report, checking the accuracy of patient and billing information and making a determination as to whether to file the claim with commercial Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or invoice the patient. In the past few years SLCFD has transported an average of over 30,000 patients annually. 

The Clerk Treasurer serves as the primary adviser to the Board of Commissioners for the Fire District on all matters concerning finance, payroll, budgeting, debt, taxation and is the Records Custodian. In fulfilling these responsibilities the Clerk-Treasurer directly oversees the FinanceAmbulance Billing and Records Management Departments.