Stations 1-8

  1. Station 1 (Central)

    Station 1 mitigates hazardous conditions, and provides fire suppression and emergency medical services in a first due zone of approximately 25 square miles southwest of downtown Ft. Pierce.

  2. Station 2

    Station 2's immediate response area consists of a five mile stretch from the Peter P. Cobb Bridge to just south of the Ocean Village development.

  3. Station 3

    Station 3 responds to a zone bordered on the north by the intersection of NW Peachtree Drive and NW St. James Drive, West to the Turnpike, and South to SE and SW Thornhill Drive.

  4. Station 4

    The Station is located at the Airport and is equipped with an Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) apparatus which is specifically designed to respond to aviation emergencies.

  5. Station 5

    The station is centrally located within the response zone which is approximately thirteen square miles.

  6. Station 6

    The boundaries of station 6 are east to the 3500 block, down to the 10,000 block of Indian River Drive.

  7. Station 7

    The boundaries of the Station include the county line to the north, Old Dixie Highway to the east (including some portions of St. Lucie Village area); the St. Lucie County International Airport lies in the southern portion of the zone, and Interstate 95 to the west.

  8. Station 8

    Fire station 8 covers 14 miles of South Hutchinson Island including the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant.