Stations 9-17

  1. Station 9

    Zone Nine is primarily a barrier island with one roadway to Fort Pierce and Indian River County.

  2. Station 10

    Station 10 is located at 777 Dalton Circle and its first due response area includes the area east of the FL Turnpike from the C-24 Canal South to Floresta Boulevard.

  3. Station 11

    Fire Station 11’s response zone is the largest in the county encompassing hundreds of square miles.

  4. Station 12

    Station 12 has a large and diverse response area.

  5. Station 13

    Strategically located next to Florida’s Turnpike, Station 13 covers a large area of approximately 25 square miles of Southeast St. Lucie County.

  6. Station 14

    Station 14 has one of the department’s largest geographic response areas.

  7. Station 15

    The areas served by Station 15 are N 41st Street at Avenue T and Belcher Canal to North 15th Street to Naco Road which extends to the Indian River.

  8. Station 16

    The boundaries of Station 16 are from the south, the C-23 canal west to I-95 and east to approximately Darwin Boulevard.

  9. Station 17

    The boundaries of Station 17 are the C-24 canal to the north, Rosser Boulevard to the East, St. Lucie/Martin County Line to the South, and Rangeline Road to the West.