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Fire/EMS Detail request Form


    Minimum of 3 hours and 2 personnel. Please direct any questions to the Detail Officer at 772-621-3313

  2. Request type (please choose one)*

  3. Type of apparatus needed (please check ALL that apply)*

  4. Payment

    All fees must be paid seven (7) days prior to Event by cash or check ONLY. No credit cards are accepted. Make check payable to: St. Lucie County Fire District.

  5. Mail or deliver payment to:

    St. Lucie County Fire District Attention: Detail Event 5160 NW Milner Dr. Port St. Lucie, FL 34983 We will send you an invoice via email.

  6. Fee Schedule

    Apparatus fee per hour: Ambulance $41.00; Brush Truck $35.00 Engine $90.00; Gator $35.00; Ladder $145.00; Tanker $38.00

  7. Fire Personnel fee per hour: Paramedic/EMT Firefighter $35.00

  8. *An Additional charge of $70.00 includes the time for pickup and restocking of the apparatus or medical equipment and the return to quarters.

  9. Returned Check Policy

    RETURNED CHECK POLICY FLORIDA STATUTE 832.07 The following service charges apply to NSF/Returned checks: Check Amounts: $1.00 - $50.00 is a $25.00 service charge; $50.01 - $300.00 is a $30.00 service charge; Checks Over $300.00 is $40.00 or 5%, whichever is greater. Payment is due within 7 days after receiving written notice that such check or draft has not cleared your bank.

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