The Operations Division is where the bulk of the services offered by the District are carried out. These services include:
  • Air Medical Services
  • Communications Division (911)
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Fire Operations
  • Special Operations Team
Burning Building
In addition, they provide services to the Training and Safety Division, Emergency Management, Human Resources Department, Information Technology Department, Fleet Maintenance Department, Honor Guard, Community Events, Grant Management and the Explorers Program.


The Operations Division has 378 firefighters and 30 civilians assigned. There are 17 fire stations located throughout the county and an Air Rescue base protecting over 277,000 residents covering 614 square miles.

Call Volume by year

2014: 45,755 emergency calls; 80, 843 unit responses
2015: 48,022 emergency calls; 88,792 unit responses
2016: 51,935 emergency calls; 97,614 unit responses
2017: 52,996 emergency calls; 99,650 unit responses
2018: 53,046 emergency calls; 99,092 unit responses
2019: 54,478 emergency calls;