Senior Safety

Want to reduce your risk of falls? Here are some things you can do:
  • To reduce the risk of falls, remove any shag or scatter rugs.
  • Apply adhesive strips to the bathtub to prevent slipping.
  • Be certain that all hallways and the bedroom are well-lit.
  • Install grab bars next to the toilet and in the shower.
  • When using tall ladders have someone to hold ladder and assist.
  • Don't reach for far away objects while standing on ladder.
  • Remove clutter from hallways and other pathways.
  • Have a well-lit entry way.
  • Remove electrical cords and other safety hazards from walkways.
  • Install railings on stairways.
  • Enter and exit vehicles slowly and watch for obstacles.
  • Clean up spills immediately and insure area is dry.
Slipping on a Banna Peel

Preventing Falls Video

Please watch the following video for more information on preventing falls.