Station 3


480 SW Ravenswood Lane * Port Saint Lucie, FL 34953

Phone: 772-621-3503


Original fire station 3 was built in 1964. In 2010, the current station was built just a few blocks southwest of the original site. In 2018, station 3 was dedicated to the memory of Lt Mark Morrison, who died while on duty in 2012. The primary response area of station 3 is residential with commercial corridors. Included in the response zone is the Prineville Water Treatment Facility for the City of Port St. Lucie, four elementary schools and one middle school. The area also includes five multifamily apartment complexes, the developed communities of St. James Country Club and River Place, a large assisted care facility as well as 16 smaller assisted care facilities. With the exception of two Publix Plazas, the commercial occupancies are primarily small businesses. Also located in the response area is a light to medium use industrial park and a natural gas pumping station.

Station 3