Air Rescue

Emergency Medical Air Transport

High quality air medical transport is accomplished through a partnership between the St. Lucie County Fire District and Air Methods Corporation. Under this partnership, known as St. Lucie County Air Rescue, expeditious air transport of emergent patients is provided by a highly skilled crew of three: A Pilot, a dual certified critical care flight-nurse/paramedic provided through Air Methods Corporation, along with a flight-paramedic provided through the St. Lucie County Fire District. The flight team provides care under the Emergency Medical Guidelines and direction of the Fire District's Medical Director.

Airbus Eurocopter

St. Lucie County Air Rescue operates out of an Airbus Eurocopter 135 P2+ model. This is a twin engine aircraft with a 4 blade bearing-less main rotor system and an enclosed tail rotor. The EC135s high endurance and extended range enables this helicopter to perform a full range of EMS missions, while carrying more payload over longer distances than any twin-engine aircraft in its class. Incorporating a modern cockpit, avionics, and the latest in medical equipment - the EC135 is recognized for its high performance, outstanding maneuverability, and overall enhanced safety systems.