Ambulance Billing

Ambulance Billing processes billing for emergency ambulance transports in St. Lucie County (SLC). They work with both the operations division and the training division to ensure compliance with state and federal statutes. They assist with the collection of documents for the Public Emergency Medical Transportation (PEMT) cost report, which has brought the fire district additional funding from the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) for Medicaid patients. They secure and maintain patient files in accordance with the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

Billing/Insurance Information

Paramedics begin to gather patient information before they arrive to the hospital; however, sometimes due to the nature of the emergency, paramedics may not be able to get all of your information. If you have received an invoice, following ambulance transportation that is missing your insurance information, please notify ambulance billing. We will submit a claim on your behalf for the charges incurred. To speak to a billing specialist please call 772-621-3321 or fax your information to 772-621-3610 or send an email to

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