The Logistics Department is responsible for the complete procurement of the Fire District; including but not limited to, the research, purchase, warehousing, and distribution of medical, office and janitorial supplies, uniforms, bunker gear, narcotics, hurricane supplies, firefighting equipment and special order items.

            John Wallace oversees the operations within this department and reports directly to a Division Chief. With the assistance of Marty Cooper, Chris Hogan and Pat Lennon the Logistics Department responds to the needs and requests of all the fire stations, the administration complex, Air Rescue and the Emergency Operations Center.


       Day to day operations include, but are not limited to:

-       Shipping and receiving product for the Fire District.

-       Managing and inventorying assets and product totaling in excess of $4million.

-       Responding to individual firefighters and station level requests daily.

-       Transporting product to seventeen stations, Air Rescue and the Emergency Operations Center

-       Responding to logistical needs of major incidents and natural disasters.

Other duties and responsibilities:

-       Assisting in the purchase of, maintaining and tracking a fixed asset inventory of over 1200 items.

-       Providing an integral step in the various procurement & disbursement processes.

-       Working in close conjunction with the Clerk Treasurer and the Office of Finance.

-       Implementing the logistical side of new products, policies and procedures as directed. (bunker gear, helmets, medical equipment and accessories, etc.)

-       The Logistics department is Federally, stately and locally regulated.

Main: 772-621-3325                                         Hours: MON-FRI   8a.m.-5p.m.

Fax: 772-621-3607

Emergency: 911

John Wallace; jwallace@slcfd.org

Chris Hogan; chrishogan@slcfd.org

Pat Lennon; plennon@slcfd.org

Carlos DeLouis; cdelouis@slcfd.org

Sean Hollander; shollander@slcfd.org