Risk Management

The Risk Management Division provides a safe environment for employees and the public by working to prevent incidents and minimizing financial losses to the St Lucie County Fire District. 

The priorities of the division are to prevent losses to our property, and to provide support and guidance to the various divisions. This includes a comprehensive risk management program that includes the promotion of safe work practices among employees, and the residents.

Risk Management assists in the following areas:

  • Worker compensation claims                    
  • FMLA management for those covered under worker compensation    
  • Automotive claims
  • Property claims
  • General liability claims
  • Professional liability claims
  • Litigation Management
  • Assist with Case investigation
  • Assist with Interrogatories and Requests to produce
  • Drug free workplace program
  • Cancer initiatives for Firefighters
  • PTSD assistance
  • Safety Training & Assistance to the Safety Committee
  • Workplace hazard investigations and inspections
  • Infection Prevention

Safety Involves

  • Support from all levels
  • Awareness
  • Focus
  • Education
  • Teamwork
  • Your commitment

Contact for the Division is Carol Spencer Shrm-CP, Risk Manager (772) 621-3362 or cspencer@slcfd.org