Why does the Fire District send a fire truck when I request an ambulance?

When you call for a medical emergency the St. Lucie County Fire District will dispatch a Rescue Truck, which is equipped to manage almost any medical or traumatic emergency we encounter. Depending on the nature of your emergency and the location of our closest unit a Fire Engine may also be sent.

It is our goal to deliver enough personnel as rapidly as possible to deal with the emergencies that we are called to. Significant medical calls such as; heart attacks, severe breathing problems, gunshot wounds and auto accidents may require more personnel than can be sent initially in the Rescue Truck. Sending a Fire Engine ensures that we send a team large enough to handle your emergency fast enough to make a difference in the outcome.

Sending these trucks in this way is in compliance with national standards that aim to ensure that you receive a timely and effective response from our agency to your emergency.

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1. Why does the Fire District send a fire truck when I request an ambulance?
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